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Midwestern Druids and Celtic Pagans

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

6:12PM - Pagan Pride volunteers needed at GLBT Pride

Passing this along:
Pagan Pride needs your help and will let you wear boas! We will have a booth at Gay Pride this year and need your help to staff it. The dates are: June 23rd & 24th, from 10am to 6pm. We would like to have 2 people per 2-hr shifts. Duties would include: set-up & tear-down (am & pm
respectively), handing out information, answering questions, engaging the public intelligibly, selling buttons and stickers. If you or anyone you know would be interested, please e-mail me at: b.s.snyder@gmail.com

As an added incentive, volunteers get to wear and take home feather boas! Members who contact me early have the first choice of boa colors! All volunteers will be invited to a special after-party.

Many thanks in advance,

Brandy Snyder
Volunteer Administrator

Saturday, December 30, 2006

3:43PM - ADF community-building meeting

For anyone interested in Ar nDraiocht Fein and the possibility of starting a grove in the Twin Cities- we will be meeting at 2pm on Sunday, Jan 21st at Ginkgo Coffeehouse 721 N. Snelling Ave in St. Paul. It's at the intersection of Snelling and Minnehaha Avenues.
If you need directions check out: http://www.ginkgocoffee.com
It's still a few weeks off, so any other changes will be posted here.

Our online group is at: http://groups.google.com/group/adf-minnesota
It is on open membership, you just need to create a google account.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

3:32PM - ADF in Minnesota

For anyone who is interested in, or a member of Ar nDraiocht Fein and lives in Minnesota, or a feasible distance from the Twin Cities, I have started a Google group for communicating and building community.
It works much like yahoo groups, but has some different features, I have it on open membership so you can just create a profile and sign up.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

6:20PM - UPS Mabon/Fall Equinox Ritual

The University Pagan Society will be holding a Fall Equinox Ritual on Thursday Sept 21, at Hidden Falls Park- at the same place we had our Lughnasadh.
Gather at 6:30, Ritual at 7:00, please bring a dish to share.

Monday, July 24, 2006

3:26PM - UPS Lughnasadh Ritual Aug 3

University Pagan Society will be performing our Lughnasadh ritual at Hidden
Falls Park on Thursday, August 3. A map and directions can be found at :
Enter through the north entrance and meet us at the picnic pavilion. We
will gather at 7, start ritual at 7:30. Please bring a dish to share. If
you are interested in car pooling from Coffman on the university campus,
please RSVP to pagan@tc.umn.edu.

This Lughnasadh could be our last event. Due to a decline in student
membership, UPS might be disbanding. We have until September 30 to re
register as a student group. UPS regularly scheduled meetings are at 7 on
Thursdays. We will be moving back to our old location, Peik hall, for the
remainder of our time after the Lughnasadh ritual. If there are students
interested in joining who can’t make Thursdays, please contact us. If there
are University students interested in forming another student pagan group,
please contact us at pagan@tc.umn.edu. We will donate our group materials
and help explain University regulations.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

9:58AM - TC Pagan Pride Date/place announced

Finally, the Twin Cities Pagan Pride Day time & place has been decided. It will be on Saturday, Oct 7 at Sabathani Community Center in Minneapolis. Yeah!

Out of curiosity, how many of you guys (outside the Cities) have a Pagan Pride in your area (i.e. a feasible distance)

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Thursday, June 8, 2006

1:13PM - St. Louis Pagan Picnic

I saw an announcement that the St. Louis, Missouri Pagan Picnic  is this weekend. There will be workshops, rituals, vendors, music, booksignings from pagan authors and activities for kids and pets. Hope you folks are having a good summer.

Monday, March 27, 2006

1:07PM - Druidism presentation Thursday

Hey y'all- just to let know-
I'm doing a presentation on Druidism at the University Pagan Society meeting, this Thursday at 7, 3rd floor of Coffman Memorial Union in Minneapolis, East Bank Campus. I'll be explaining common beliefs/practices/values among modern Druids, and summarizing the major modern traditions and their history.
It may be useful to those who want an introduction to Druidism. Also, if you'd like to contribute your knowledge, that would be welcome as well. We are trying to get new members- students especially, so if you know any Pagans at the you, drag them to UPS sometime.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

1:35PM - Druid/Celtic groups in Minnesota

As requested, here are all the Celtic/Druid groups in Minnesota that I am aware of, a little about them and who I'm familiar with.

Mists of Stone Forest Grove- formerly a Keltrian grove, this is probably the oldest and largest Druid group in MN that's still running. I've been to some of their rituals and they're good folks.
Location: Twin Cities, run by Phil Hutchens

Geal Darach Seed Grove- this is a recently formed OBOD (Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids) grove.
Location: Twin Cities
Contact: Alferian, Geal-Darach Chief Druid at alferian@earthlink.net
I know this guy, he seems nice, and he also runs the Avalon College of Druidry.

Invisible Druid Order- I don't know anyone in this group.
Location: Anoka

Sacred Celtic Order of Balance- Celtic Pagan group I found on Witchvox. Looks like more of a Wiccan slant, I don't know anyone in it.
Location: Sartell, run by Lady Sherrell

Old Belief Society/ Tuath Seancreidimh- Celtic Recon/Traditionalist- run by Andrew Jacob.
Location: Minneapolis

Folks, feel free to anything I've missed or any info on these that you're aware of.

Sunday, February 5, 2006

4:16PM - Have a Good Imbolc?

A belated happy Imbolc to all!
How was your holiday, how did you observe it?
I attend the U of M Pagan Society ritual, it was quite poetic and lovely. My friend amoraj (LJ) wrote it and was the priestess/reprentative of Brigid. It involved blessing and sharing water, and going thru a hoop (to represent the womb of the goddess) Got to meet some new people who came, and then we went out to eat afterward.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

10:17PM - Hi, just joined!

Small intro and a request...

My name's Meg, I'm a solitary witch (for about 6 years now). I'm 21 and live in Indianapolis, IN.

I was wondering if anyone knew of a non-denominational/pagan/whatever ordained minister in the Indy area? My fiance and I are getting married in August, and we wrote our own ceremony (he's agnostic). It's pretty non-religious, with just a general blessing of the elements and handfasting cord part, no mention of god(s). We'd really love to find an officiant in the area who's either pagan or agnostic/non-denominational who will use our ceremony.

Please contact me if you know of anyone, or if you know of an organization that would possibly have an ordained minister!


(request x-posted to a couple Indy communities)

Saturday, January 28, 2006

10:36AM - Milwaukee Ostara Festival

Saturday, APRIL 1, 2006
HART PARK, Noon to 6pm
With Special Guest - Isaac Bonewits on Sunday evening (tickets for sale now! More to come out about this later)

The Milwaukee Pagan Unity Council is holding its fifth annual Ostara Festival this year. MPUC is a local non-profit that hosts the Ostara Festival every year, and is a supporter of Pagan Pride Day. We attempt to build community among all Milwaukee people, and open up opportunities for education about the pagan community as well as events that welcome all walks.

We've had excellent success with our festivals in the past, even though blizzards! Our events are always fun, and support other local non-profits. Last year, we made a huge contribution to the Hunger Task Force, and our blood drive was tremendously successful!

We are in full swing for bringing in vendors, workshops, performers, and more. We have some tarot readers, chair massage, and possibly even reiki practitioners as well as many local vendors from organic coffee companies to Herb stores to new age stores. Performances will include bellydancers, Nia, trancedance, and hopefully more! What are we missing?


We are looking for more people to be involved. Please contact me directly at irondawn@gmail.com to get forms and information, or send me your email address and I'll forward that information. Or if you prefer to have it mailed to you, send me your mailing address (always kept private) and we will send you information in our next mailing. (We never sell personal information.)

We are open to all sorts of vendors if you think your wares will be of interest to the community. We've had past vendors such as booksellers, new age stores, Moonwise Herbs, clothing vendors, henna artists, reiki masters, tarot readers, bellydance costuming, jewlery dealers, local Milwaukee artists(we LOVE to have a taste of Milwaukee!), and much more. If you think the community would be interested, why don't you give it a try?

Last year we had a dancing workshop, an herbal workshop, jewelry making workshop, a broom-making workshop that had a LINE for attendance. Have a skill or information that you think the community would be interested in? Of particular interest is drum rhythm workshops, yoga, or other skills that people can learn to better their lives or gain a new hobby.

We are looking for bands, drummers, musicians, more dancers (currently only Barika Bellydance has confirmed their performance - we'd like a cabaret group or performer too!) How about a different dance style, or other artistic pursuit? If we weren't indoors, I'd hire fire spinners ON THE SPOT (I love you guys!)

If you're just looking to help, then we could definitely use you. Whether it's greeting people at the door, manning a table for an hour, donating a baked good for the bake sale, or just helping set up or take down - we welcome any help!

Contact irondawn@gmail.com, or revonatah@yahoo.com for more information on how to be a part of this great event.

(x-posted to cityofmilwaukee, midwest_belly, and my personal journal)

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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

11:20AM - Welcome Spring with Us!

Spring is coming!

Start the Countdown to Spring with University Pagan Society

UPS, for the first time in several years, will be holding a ritual open
to the general
public. The ritual will celebrate Imbolc, also known as Candlemas, a
rite commonly practiced
in Wicca as the halfway point to the coming spring.

The ritual will take place indoors on the University of Minnesota
campus, in Folwell room 116. The physical address is 9 Pleasant Street
SE, Minneapolis MN 55455. Parking is available one block away at the
Church Street Ramp, and this is right off the 16 bus line.

Hope to see you there. And stop by regular Thursday night meetings if you are in the Twin Cities!

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Thursday, January 5, 2006

7:33PM - A couple questions x-posted

My first one deals with Scrying. After an extended Session of Tarot, or using my Pendulum, I get REALLY tired. Is this common, or just from over extending myself? I know usually after doing somthing of the sort, spellwork, larger ceremony's, and the like I get hunger and feel a bit drained after sending all that energy out, so I'm guessing that scryng would be similar.

My other question involves a term I've been hearing ALOT recently. Techno-mage and Techno-witch. I've heard of spellcraft involving computers, but never actually heard of someone specializing in it (although I guess common sense would dictate that its possible right?). I mean Kitchen-witch, Green-witch, a Wicked-witch (wink wink), a White-witch (not sure exactly what a white-witch is) ect. ect. ect. So my question, do any of you know much on it?

Just a wondering mind


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Monday, January 2, 2006


HI all... I'm TJ, a 24 year old currently living in Council Bluffs. I'm a newbie to the Pagan belief still. I haven't settled on a particular path yet but I study just about anything I can get my hands on. As a friend of mine puts it... "I'm well rounded in my studies" Is that a good thing or a bad thing? But above all things I am still a student of the wise, so I joined this community to better understand the Druid ways specifically. Other then that I dunno what else ya'll wanna know but feel free to shoot me any questions ya'll may have and I'm be sure to answer them.


Monday, December 12, 2005

7:43PM - Community/ Networking sites

In the yahoo group, someone posted a website that looks like it may become quite useful for networking and community building. It's called De Danaan, a online Celtic Pagan community/resource, they have forums, a wiki, blogs, you can submit articles and there will be a directory and other features in the works. It is new, there's not much on it, but it could have great potential, so I recommend joining and contributing info.


This is a similar site also with a Celtic Pagan focus with forums, articles, sometimes online classes, etc.
It has been around longer.

http://druidwiki.org Another wiki, it's pretty new but there are a few articles.

http://www.druidnetwork.org/index.html British-based organization that tries to connect all druid organizations and promote cooperation. You can get your organization listed on their site, I plan on doing so with Midwest Druids. If we keep up the good work, sites like these could collectively become the Witchvox of Celtic Paganism/Druidry.

Wednesday, December 7, 2005

7:32PM - Minneapolis Druid Gathering

Grove Gather meets every 3rd Wednesday of the month at
Acadia Cafe 1931 Nicollet Ave in Minneapolis from 7-9 pm

**We are skipping December due to holiday craziness, so the next meeting will be Jan. 18.**

To sign up for the mailing list go to:
Peggy Gantt is the organizer, you can e-mail her at:
sawyer_finn AT pressenter DOT com (spelled this way to avoid spam)

7:18PM - A easy way to support some good causes

Just added this to my journal and userinfo, Regardless of political or religious persuasion, I should hope that most of us would agree that helping people and natural resources is a Good Thing.
What follows is pretty self-explanatory.

Save The World - One Click At A Time!

On each of these websites, you can click a button to support the cause -- each click creates funding, and costs you nothing! Bookmark these sites, and click once a day!

Click here to post this on your page or 'blog

1:16AM - Elvengeek's Intro

I go to Augsburg College in Minneapolis Minnesota, major in political science, and taking my bloody time getting thru college :)
I have been into Paganism for about 6-7 years and have been focusing on a Celtic path for the past 2-3 years.
I found a Celtic Reconstructionist teacher and studied with him (in a class) for about a year, then the group collapsed. Last year I found another teacher and studied, then initiated, but then there was shall we say, ethical wrong-doing on the part of the teacher, so I and a few other students no longer felt comfortable there.** Oh, well moving on...

Lately I've been going to my local Druid Meetup, Grove Gather (actually we're an Ex-Meetup and operate out of Yahoo groups now) and have gotten invited to Mistletoe Rituals with Mists of Stone Forest Grove, went to one last month and going to another this weekend. They are a nice group, still getting to know people.

I am interested in ADF, and the more I hear about it, the more I like. Need some time to figure my path out though and need time to make sure folks are trustworthy. I have also been trying to study the Irish language and participate in Irish cultural activities.

*With that in mind, I highly recommend Isaac Bonewit's Cult Danger Evaluation Frame, as a guide for finding your comfort level with a group (any group, not just spiritual) It was helpful in making me realize how creepily authoritarian and manipulative my teacher was.
you can find it on his site at http://www.neopagan.net

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