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Community/ Networking sites

In the yahoo group, someone posted a website that looks like it may become quite useful for networking and community building. It's called De Danaan, a online Celtic Pagan community/resource, they have forums, a wiki, blogs, you can submit articles and there will be a directory and other features in the works. It is new, there's not much on it, but it could have great potential, so I recommend joining and contributing info.


This is a similar site also with a Celtic Pagan focus with forums, articles, sometimes online classes, etc.
It has been around longer.

http://druidwiki.org Another wiki, it's pretty new but there are a few articles.

http://www.druidnetwork.org/index.html British-based organization that tries to connect all druid organizations and promote cooperation. You can get your organization listed on their site, I plan on doing so with Midwest Druids. If we keep up the good work, sites like these could collectively become the Witchvox of Celtic Paganism/Druidry.
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