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A couple questions x-posted

My first one deals with Scrying. After an extended Session of Tarot, or using my Pendulum, I get REALLY tired. Is this common, or just from over extending myself? I know usually after doing somthing of the sort, spellwork, larger ceremony's, and the like I get hunger and feel a bit drained after sending all that energy out, so I'm guessing that scryng would be similar.

My other question involves a term I've been hearing ALOT recently. Techno-mage and Techno-witch. I've heard of spellcraft involving computers, but never actually heard of someone specializing in it (although I guess common sense would dictate that its possible right?). I mean Kitchen-witch, Green-witch, a Wicked-witch (wink wink), a White-witch (not sure exactly what a white-witch is) ect. ect. ect. So my question, do any of you know much on it?

Just a wondering mind

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