Merykk (wiccanrocka) wrote in midwestdruid,

Hi, just joined!

Small intro and a request...

My name's Meg, I'm a solitary witch (for about 6 years now). I'm 21 and live in Indianapolis, IN.

I was wondering if anyone knew of a non-denominational/pagan/whatever ordained minister in the Indy area? My fiance and I are getting married in August, and we wrote our own ceremony (he's agnostic). It's pretty non-religious, with just a general blessing of the elements and handfasting cord part, no mention of god(s). We'd really love to find an officiant in the area who's either pagan or agnostic/non-denominational who will use our ceremony.

Please contact me if you know of anyone, or if you know of an organization that would possibly have an ordained minister!


(request x-posted to a couple Indy communities)
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