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UPS Lughnasadh Ritual Aug 3

University Pagan Society will be performing our Lughnasadh ritual at Hidden
Falls Park on Thursday, August 3. A map and directions can be found at :
Enter through the north entrance and meet us at the picnic pavilion. We
will gather at 7, start ritual at 7:30. Please bring a dish to share. If
you are interested in car pooling from Coffman on the university campus,
please RSVP to pagan@tc.umn.edu.

This Lughnasadh could be our last event. Due to a decline in student
membership, UPS might be disbanding. We have until September 30 to re
register as a student group. UPS regularly scheduled meetings are at 7 on
Thursdays. We will be moving back to our old location, Peik hall, for the
remainder of our time after the Lughnasadh ritual. If there are students
interested in joining who can’t make Thursdays, please contact us. If there
are University students interested in forming another student pagan group,
please contact us at pagan@tc.umn.edu. We will donate our group materials
and help explain University regulations.
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