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Welcome Spring with Us!

Spring is coming!

Start the Countdown to Spring with University Pagan Society

UPS, for the first time in several years, will be holding a ritual open
to the general
public. The ritual will celebrate Imbolc, also known as Candlemas, a
rite commonly practiced
in Wicca as the halfway point to the coming spring.

The ritual will take place indoors on the University of Minnesota
campus, in Folwell room 116. The physical address is 9 Pleasant Street
SE, Minneapolis MN 55455. Parking is available one block away at the
Church Street Ramp, and this is right off the 16 bus line.

Hope to see you there. And stop by regular Thursday night meetings if you are in the Twin Cities!
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got about Day/Time?

February 2
Time- probably 6 or 6;30 at the early end. Need to check on that.
Ok, I checked, it's gather at 7 pm ritual begins at 7:30