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Druid/Celtic groups in Minnesota

As requested, here are all the Celtic/Druid groups in Minnesota that I am aware of, a little about them and who I'm familiar with.

Mists of Stone Forest Grove- formerly a Keltrian grove, this is probably the oldest and largest Druid group in MN that's still running. I've been to some of their rituals and they're good folks.
Location: Twin Cities, run by Phil Hutchens

Geal Darach Seed Grove- this is a recently formed OBOD (Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids) grove.
Location: Twin Cities
Contact: Alferian, Geal-Darach Chief Druid at alferian@earthlink.net
I know this guy, he seems nice, and he also runs the Avalon College of Druidry.

Invisible Druid Order- I don't know anyone in this group.
Location: Anoka

Sacred Celtic Order of Balance- Celtic Pagan group I found on Witchvox. Looks like more of a Wiccan slant, I don't know anyone in it.
Location: Sartell, run by Lady Sherrell

Old Belief Society/ Tuath Seancreidimh- Celtic Recon/Traditionalist- run by Andrew Jacob.
Location: Minneapolis

Folks, feel free to anything I've missed or any info on these that you're aware of.
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